Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big Bait Big Fish

This video shows just how voracious Mud Trout can be when they are hungry! The fish in this video was one of the larger specimens caught at 24 inches. Note that even after captured the fish refused to give up the large 8 inch sucker Brett had been using as bait. Most of our fishing lines (including this catch) were set 1 foot off bottom on a large shoal in about 8 feet of water. None of the Lakers that we managed to take were in water deeper than 20 feet.


  1. That is amazing. I have never seen such a sight as that Mud Trout with the sucker. Love the wind in the background too. Sounds chilly Brrrrr!

  2. TS, The winds really were blowing fiercely that morning but did manage to slow down slightly as the day progressed. I my cousin played that fish for 20 minutes before he finally picked up that line and set the hook. He had unbelievable patience and is probably the main reason he caught so many fish!


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