Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Great Everest Challenge IV

UPDATE: As of 12:00 PM today I have completed 297 Reps (OR 25,938 vertical feet). This means I only have about 36 reps remaining! Post picture is me on Mt. Rainier in 2001.

I had a number of people approach me this week and say they really enjoyed my talk last Friday at the lunch and learn "Kick Off" event for the Everest Challenge. So, I thought I would include my notes from that meeting in this post incase others were interested. Enjoy!

Health and Wellness – Safety Discussion

1. People must decide on a level of health and fitness that fits their life goals. We all aren't olympic athletes nor do we all need to strive to be.
2. Good health isn’t necessarily about losing weight. Muscle weighs more than fat. It is possible to lose 3 inches on your waist but gain 4 pounds.
4. BMI – Me at 6 feet at 180 = 24.4 or in the normal weight class by only 0.5 points. When climbing I tend to weigh 185-190 or in the “overweight” classification.

A healthy weight and fitness level is directly connected to consumption and expenditure of calories.
1. Ten extra calories (one life saver) a day equals about one pound a year.
2. One pound of muscle burns 35 calories to the two calories burned by fat.

Move More and/or Eat Better (not less):
1. Park at auto lot at a distance
2. Use bathroom on 1st floor
3. Discontinue elevator use
4. Eating your veggies (1/2 a plate)
5. Eat several smaller meals throughout the day
6. Consume empty calories cautiously and in moderation (soda, candy, snack foods)

The Everest challenge is based on the premise that with a busy life many of us may not be able to go to the gym. Instead what little things can be done day-to-day to improve health and overall fitness?

1. Check with your Doctor before beginning any exercise program
2. Wear sneakers or other shoes that offer arch support and traction
3. Warm-up by starting slowly and stretch before starting anything more strenuous.
4. Be careful to protect your knees and ankles . . . especially on the downhill.
5. Be cautious of slippery surfaces due to tracked in mud, water, sand and cleaning use railing if you feel uneasy.
7. Keep your back straight
8. Watch every step and concentrate to protect against a fall
9. Use the mountaineering step to take things slowly.

Extra Challenges:
1. Leg weights
2. Step only using the balls of your feet
3. Complete the circuit more than once
4. Two steps at a time

Closing Thoughts:
1. Even the longest journey must begin with a single step.
2. In the battle of the bulge it isn’t about the individual battle it’s about the war.
3. If you are always looking at the mountain summit you are more likely to stumble on the pebbles under your feet.

Set short-term goals and figure out what you are going to do today to improve your overall health!!


  1. Wow, you've been busy getting in shape. I have been eating real healthy and working it and I've lost 8.5 lbs...yeah. I have a few more to loose before the warm weather.

  2. Nice . . . I typically start trying to get into shape this time every year. Something about winter and the holiday foods that always make me add a few pounds over the snow filled season. Never fails that once the days start getting longer and warmer that I feel my energy returning and start gearing up to get back into top shape.

    Keep up the good work!


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