Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Great Everest Challenge V

Well I did it! The post picture is of me taking the very last step of the Everest Challenge! (As promised I did the last rep in full on mountaineering gear!!) I arrived at 29,037 feet at 11:50 PM today bruised and battered but not broken! It was one heck of a challenge that really stretched me physically and mentally. Some afternoons I had to really push myself to get up the drive to get into the stairwell and some days it even took a supreme effort to talk myself into doing just one more rep!

Planning to take a couple of days off before completing the entire circuit again (this time at a much slower rate). I am really excited that this little "stunt" has caused so much discussion in our small office building. People have been stopping me in the halls and questioning me on the stairs everyday to ask what I am training for. To each I take a few minutes to explain that this is women's healthy heart month and that I am trying to stress to everyone the importance of good physical health through exercise and proper nutrition.

Thanks everyone for following along this past week and providing positive comments it was great to have a few individuals pushing me along!

Approximate Final Figures: 333 Reps, 43,623 Steps, 29,082 Vertical Feet, 20-25 total hours.


  1. Nice work! You have inspired a whole group of office colleagues, and spotlighted a very worthy ideal.

  2. Congratulations! take a day or two off and give yourself a big pat on the back. you have inspired many of us and more than you'll probably know. Thank you.

  3. Wow, congratulations! That's wonderful and it sounds like you did a lot to raise awareness.

  4. Although you wouldn't find me doing that, I have to commend you for your dedication to your leadership in encouraging others to take a challenge that may inspire healthier lifestyles that promote better health.

    How many of your cohorts have met the challenge and how long does this challenge take? I'm sure your fellow mountaineers have been visiting your blog and thinking, "this guy is insane" or "I will do this as well".

    Nevertheless, if every one of us in this country passed up on a couple of iced coffees or that extra bag of chips and grabbed a water on the way for just a little bit of exercise, think about how improved our society could be and actually the savings waged against our health care system.


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