Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Great Everest Challenge III

UPDATE: As of 12:00 PM today I have completed 243 Reps (OR 31,833 steps equaling approximately 21,222 vertical feet). This means I only have about 90 reps remaining!

Awoke at 5:30 AM this morning feeling tired but significantly better than I did the day previous. A good healthy breakfast of whole wheat toast, all natural peanut butter, honey and a banana washed down with a cup of coffee gave me a good start. By the time I was half way to work I was actually looking forward to hitting the stairs . . . I am beginning to strongly believe that I need a mental evaluation.

Used the “classics” today for motivation . . . AC/DC, Van Halen, Beastie Boys, Def Leopard, Ozzy, Led Zepplin, the Who, Doors, Whitesnake, Kiss and even a touch of the Scorpions. It was kind of fun trudging up and down while my mind wandered over decades of memories stirred by the “oldies”.


  1. Wanted to mention that the photo in this post is of me from a few years ago at the top of Lions Head trail on Mt. Washington, NH. It was a LONG day of climbing and wind conditions were gusting between 40-50 MPH. We did make it to the summit and safely back down that day with all of our fingers and toes but it was certainly an adrenaline ride!

  2. I'm going to hear Crazy Train in my head any time I see an update now.

    Just reading about this is making me tired. lol

    Great work!

  3. Keep on keepin' on!

    Albert A Rasch
    The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
    Proud Member of Outdoor Bloggers Summit
    Southeast Regional OBS Coordinator

  4. Jodi,


  5. You're gonna get this done too fast! Dare you to try to walk to the moon. (please think twice about that).

  6. So were you jamming to "Winds of Change" or "Rock You Like a Hurricane" when your IPod hit the Scorpions??? And was it Hagar Van Halen or Roth Van Halen??? Your writing lacks so much clarity...

    All jokes aside man, good to see you've inspired others to join in your adventures. Mount Katahdin here we come!!!


  7. Rock you like a hurricane of course and please Hagar . . . 0U812?!?!? You have got to be kidding me! Give me original Roth VH or give me death. From my cold dead hand would you have to pull 1984.

    Yes, we need to decide on a date and soon!

    Take Care!

  8. What... no country music? Heart and soul of America my friend :)

  9. Country? GACK . . . I think I just hurled a little bit.

  10. Wow, that's awesome.

    Ohh, Def Leopard. That brings back memories of junior high dances. That can't be good.


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