Monday, October 26, 2009

Duck Season's Story Continues

Lacking any degree of organization, I threw into the portaboat decoys, tents, food, dog, oars, guns, sleeping bags, life vests, stove, Coleman fuel, shells, waders, gas tank, extra clothes and of course the honorable Mr. President. The quick trip to "opening day island" was highlighted by yet another impressive year of fall foliage. The reflection of colors off the stillness of the late evening lake surface, were nothing short of dramatic. Motoring the boat down the lake, I felt a calm wash over me like all of the troubles in the world were slowly slipping away the further I got from the boat landing. Ahh I thought, maybe there is something meditative to this hunting thing.

Of course the calm didn't last long. As always, I had been up to my usual hi jinx and I could tell that the honorable president was on red alert status. After the "wader incident", he was anticipating the proverbial "dropping of the other shoe" and knew that my antics were far from over. Fortunately for his nerves, he didn't have to wait long.

As is typical of my culinary "style", I like things HOT! No folks I don't mean "spicy", I mean get me a fire extinguisher while I am sitting on the toilet praying for the ice cream to exit atomically HOT. Unfortunately for the Duckman, he likes things "mild". After plying the old President with a little bit of white wine, I handed him a bowl of Chili Con Carnage and hoped he would manage to get it all in his gullet before the Styrofoam bowl melted. With a few "Damn that's hot!", four "Gack, I need a cracker!" and a final "Anymore wine left?" the bowl was emptied . . . I now needed only wait for morning and the fun to begin.

As the President drifted off to dreamland, I wondered if perhaps I had been cruel? Nah, I though! After all, I had provided him with the dogs favorite pillow . . . errr wait a minute isn't Duckman deathly allergic to K9s?

For more on the Duckman's drippy nose, watery eyes and generally poor health check out his blog posting "Game Time".

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