Friday, October 30, 2009

The Complete WildFowler

The Duckman turned me on to this Virtual Book, now I can't put it down!

The Complete WildFowler

Of course now I want to build a rock blind fortress (P. 64) and put inside it a permanently mounted punt gun in 8 gauge! Ahhh, the good old days of lead shot and lawless duck hunting. :)


  1. Not a problem buddy, and the best part is that you can search for other old works within the duck hunting genre. The only problem I have with the online books is that it as easy on the eyes to read for longer stretches. Most of my online reading is for short spurts with a flurry of key punching as well. Looks like you are already ahead of me on this one!!!


  2. I had to find my list of quotes since you so inspired me...

    "He must lie in wait in the bitterest cold and dark to circumvent the wariest and most cunning of created things." (pg. 15)...

    To mix passion with dedication to pursue something so majestic is the reason we participate in this, it's about the experience for me not the result.

    Got to go work buddy, looks like your brother and I are going to fight a small craft advisory tomorrow!!!

  3. Good luck to you both tomorrow! I will be up bright and early trying to out smart a trophy size whitetail!


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