Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trapping Season Begins

The initial traps are in, so now the waiting game begins. I managed to set 6 #2 Bridger traps this morning and plan to add a few more each day until I reach a total of 10. I figure with all my other pursuits, this number is about all I can effectively manage.

Except for the first set, that I had to revisit because I neglected to stake it down . . . sigh . . . everything went fairly well. Pencil that one into the experience notebook!! After that initial fiasco, the old muscle memory kicked in and the remaining sets went well. Once I got a rhythm going, thing got easier and I was able to move faster and with more efficiency through the remaining sets.

Traps were secured with a variety of grapples and staking systems based on the quality of the soil. Areas with a sandy or swampy consistency, where a stake wouldn't hold, I added a two prong grapple about a big as your hand and with approximately four feet of chain.

Obviously very excited about tomorrow morning, as fresh fox tracks and the howling of distant coyotes over the past several evenings have got my blood boiling!!


  1. Sounds like fun. How about showing us what a #2 trap looks like? Be interested to get a clearer picture. Good luck!

  2. TS, Excellent point! I had another request to show some of the different set-ups I am using like the cubby and dirt hole set. I guess I need to get the camera out! Plan to take it with me tomorrow morning when I check the line. It is pouring here now so hopefully any human scent I may have left will be gone. Will keep my fingers crossed!

  3. Excellent, also what do you bait your traps with? Got to be some stinky stuff I imagine.

  4. TS, currently the coyote and fox traps are baited with fox urine and fox gland lure made by a local company. The bobcat traps are being baited with duck "remains" will photograph this week!


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