Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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We arrived on the ice that morning with ambitions of catching a pike that would prove to be a new state record or at least make a trip to the taxidermist mandatory. The predicted temperatures were to remain in the upper teens but a fierce wind had considerably dropped that estimation. Despite being dressed in multiple layers, the feeling was beginning to crawl out of my extremities and my teeth were chattering. What was suppose to be a relaxing day of ice fishing with family and friends was quickly losing its attraction and by 1:30 I was counting the minutes until the designated quitting time of 2:00 PM.

Suddenly the familiar yell of “flag” snapped me from my meditative state, my excitement reaching a crescendo when I realized that my tip-up had been sprung. Upon arriving, I was shocked to find that every bit of line had been stripped off the reel and the trap was bouncing in the hole. I managed to bring in ten yards of backer line when the fish turned and ran out all but a couple inches. This dance continued for a quarter of an hour until on one retrieve I noted the massive head of a northern pike slide by the hole. Not wanting to risk another run into the abyss, I maneuvered the fish’s head into the hole and drove my arm down to the elbow, pinning the leviathan against the side. Sliding my hand into the gills and pulling up with one quick motion the fish was tossed onto the ice and the monster was mine.

For the hunter angler there is no greater prey than that most stealthy and voracious of fish the ultimate predator the Northern Pike. Physically powerful and mentally crafty these leviathans of the underwater world are the ultimate sportsman trophies. Anyone who has been lucky enough to hook, wrangle and capture one of these magnificent creatures can attest that catching one is the experience of a lifetime.


  1. Congrats! That is a great fish. It is hard to believe that I grew up in MN and have never been ice fishing. That is just wrong. It is on my list of things to do though.

  2. First of all, congratulations on a great fish. Secondly, I am not so sure I would have stuck my arm down through the ice hole to get at one of those toothy pike. You deserve a badge of honor!

  3. Emily,

    Thanks, it was certainly my fish of a lifetime. I have never professed to be a great fisherman and most of the time I am happy catching any white fish that make for nice sized fillets. My fishing friends were shocked when I turned that N. Pike into chowder. I think they figured it should be on permanent display on my wall!

    Ice fishing is a blast! If you go, nothing is more important than . . . warm, waterproof boots. Nothing will ruin your day faster than cold wet feet. Other than that, first timers should go to a spot lousy in perch. It makes for fast action, fun fishing and most importantly delicious fish chowder!

    Take care and thanks for stopping by,


  4. Mel,

    Thanks, will have to search around my computer and find/post the pictures of my bloody fingers that were plastered with paper towel and held together with duct tape. No fear in this boy, I risked my precious digits by using them like a gaff.

    Hmm, badge of honor or dunce cap!?!?


  5. Us fisherman and gals will do just about anything for a big fish. Well, almost anything. Hope you find the pictures!


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